CNX Releases Nitro AutoCode for Valence Framework 4.0

New tool allows IBM i developers to create inquiry and file maintenance apps in seconds

May 6, 2014 ORLANDO, FL. CNX announced today at the COMMON User Group Annual Meeting and Exposition the Beta release of Nitro AutoCode, a web application generation tool included now as part of Valence Framework 4.0 for IBM i. This new tool allows developers to create high-quality inquiry and file maintenance apps on IBM i in a matter of seconds using a simple wizard-like interface.

After prompting the developer for various database file details, Nitro AutoCode generates a complete Valence Application that can be deployed on IBM i immediately or further extended. Specifically, AutoCode creates a Valence-compliant RPG program, an Ext JS or Sencha Touch user interface and a Sencha Architect project. Sencha Architect is a visual design and coding tool used to develop the user interface portion of Valence Framework apps. The ability for AutoCode to generate Sencha Architect projects means developers can quickly make adjustments to an AutoCode app using the intuitive drag-and-drop development features of Sencha Architect. A single developer license to Sencha Architect is included with Valence Framework Enterprise.

“I’m really excited about this new AutoCode functionality,” said Richard Milone, CNX Chief Technical Officer. “The ability to quickly generate common apps is a huge time-saver and will allow developers to be immediately effective with the Valence Framework. But even more exciting is the ability to open and edit AutoCode-generated apps right within Sencha Architect. It means developers can use AutoCode as a way to jump-start development of more complex apps.” Nitro AutoCode is included automatically with each Valence Framework download from the CNX website.

Existing Valence Framework 4.0 installations can also obtain the AutoCode app by downloading the latest update from the Valence downloads page. Nitro AutoCode is an Enterprise-level feature, thus requiring an Enterprise license to use. However those using Valence under the no-cost “Community Developer” license can use Nitro AutoCode – along with all other Nitro tools – free for 90 days after initial install. For additional details, and to download the Valence Framework including Nitro AutoCode, visit