Valence for IBM i 6.2

This download of Valence 6.2 is for both new installs and updates to existing versions of Valence 6.X and is compatible with systems running IBM i 7.2 through 7.5.

Note Regarding Instance Manager: Once you have installed Valence 6.2 to your “base” VALENCE6 instance, you must only use Instance Manager from the base instance to manage all Valence instances on a particular system/partition. This is important since you must be running the latest Instance Manager code for it to manage the instances properly.

Read the full release notes for Valence 6.2 at



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Valence for IBM i 6.0

IMPORTANT: This download of Valence 6.0 is intended only for those customers still running the older IBM i 7.1 operating system. If you are installing to a system running IBM i 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 or 7.5 you should instead download Valence 6.2. Read the full release notes at



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Valence for IBM i 5.2+

This download is intended for existing customers who want to upgrade existing Valence 5.2 releases to the latest build for this version. If you are a new customer (or an existing customer who wants to upgrade an earlier version to Valence 6.X), please choose the Valence 6.2 download instead to get the latest Valence features. Read the full release notes at



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