Valence Utilities for your IBM i

Everything you need to test, edit and manage projects.

Get your developers and administrators out of the green-screen world and into a fully integrated, eminently usable graphical environment. All the tools you need for IBM i administration, including managing jobs, spool files and editing the DB2 database are right here in one place — with no need to license, access and manage multiple third-party tools. All utilities function automatically within the same workspace — the Valence Portal.

Spool File Viewer.

Give end users the ability to view the IBM i database printout queue without providing access to the full Nitro iAdmin suite of tools. With Valence, you can ensure all your users have access to the right tools and permissions they need to perform their specific jobs.

Nitro File Editor.

Edit database files directly within Valence. Our graphical interface makes the editing process faster, easier and more intuitive than any other tool available. Use Nitro File Editor to:

  • View and edit any IBM i database file directly.
  • Sort by any column or multiple columns.
  • Add, update, delete records.
  • Filter records or position to a specific record by key.
  • Choose which columns to view.
  • Save views for convenient reuse.
  • Download records to Excel.

Nitro iAdmin.

Say goodbye to green screens and clunky commands. With Nitro iAdmin, you can manage jobs, printouts and other IBM i support tasks from within the Valence interface:

  • View active jobs, analyze subsystems and work with job queues.
  • Answer jobs in MSGW status or put misbehaving jobs on hold.
  • Drill into job logs, call stacks and open files on any active job.
  • Manage output queues and reroute, hold or delete spool files.
  • Activate or deactivate user profiles.
  • View and answer QSYSOPR messages.
  • Manage IBM i from a desktop/laptop web browser or from iOS and Android mobile devices.

Valence 6 API & Guides.

Valence 6 API Docs

The Valence 6 API docs serve as the home for all front-end and back-end specifications pertinent to developing Valence apps.  It includes the Valence RPG Toolkit service program (VVSRVPGM) procedures, valence.js JavaScript utilities, and specs for interfacing with the mobile Valence Portal.  The docs include helpful RPG and JavaScript example code to demonstrate how the procedures and methods are used.

View Valence 6 API Docs
Valence 6 Guides

Go to the Valence 6 guides to learn about how to administer the Valence Portal and use various included apps such as Nitro File Editor, Nitro AutoCode, Nitro Source Editor, Nitro iAdmin, Instance Manager and more.  Also includes extensively detailed docs on using the powerful Nitro App Builder to create your own desktop browser and mobile apps with little or no coding.

View Valence 6 Guides

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