Videos & Resources

How to Use Valence Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

In this video learn how to set up and use two-factor authentication in the Valence Portal in conjunction with an authentication app like Google Authenticator.

How to Use the Valence Desktop Portal

In this video learn the basics of how to use the Valence Desktop Portal, like logging in, finding and launching apps, switching between apps, user settings and more.

Fusion5250 Quick Demo

In this video CNX co-founder Richard Milone performs a quick demonstration of the new Fusion5250 HTML5 terminal emulator now included with Valence 5.2+.

Valence Installation

This video demonstrates how to obtain and run the Valence Installer app which installs Valence to your IBM i. See the instructional video below.

Understanding the structure of Valence Nitro apps

This video walks you through the the main elements of Valence Nitro apps: Data Sources, Widgets, and the Nitro app definition itself. Also learn about how "Behaviors" are used to allow Widgets to interact with each other as well as special server tasks.

Valence 6 API & Guides.

Valence 6 API Docs

The Valence 6 API docs serve as the home for all front-end and back-end specifications pertinent to developing Valence apps.  It includes the Valence RPG Toolkit service program (VVSRVPGM) procedures, valence.js JavaScript utilities, and specs for interfacing with the mobile Valence Portal.  The docs include helpful RPG and JavaScript example code to demonstrate how the procedures and methods are used.

View Valence 6 API Docs
Valence 6 Guides

Go to the Valence 6 guides to learn about how to administer the Valence Portal and use various included apps such as Nitro File Editor, Nitro AutoCode, Nitro Source Editor, Nitro iAdmin, Instance Manager and more.  Also includes extensively detailed docs on using the powerful Nitro App Builder to create your own desktop browser and mobile apps with little or no coding.

View Valence 6 Guides