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Enabling businesses to build powerful applications their users love.

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Our Mission

The true purpose of technology is to be helpful. That’s our core belief, and it’s why we’re dedicated to helping you deliver applications that transform the way people work. Our Valence Framework enables beautiful, accessible apps that empower user independence, operational efficiency and customer engagement, on or off the IBM i platform. Rely on our leading technology, services and support to create the path forward from modernization to collaboration to transformation. The path of true helpfulness.

About Our Partners

“Our partners are essential to CNX’s success. Although CNX has the technology customers need, in many cases potential customers are skeptical of solutions like Valence unless endorsed by those they trust.  It’s our partners that have those established personal relationships necessary for customers to confidently bring Valence into their organizations.”

-Richard Milone

Who we are.

Our leadership.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, CNX has been helping enterprises transform their performance and responsiveness since 1996. But it’s not just about the quality of our software. It’s about the commitment of our people. We’re pleased to meet you.

Richard Milone

Managing Partner

Richard is obsessed with sciency stuff, energy sustainability and how to improve his next espresso shot. In other words, how to make the future better. That’s his goal for CNX customers. Not just incremental change, but truly modern operations.

Robert Swanson

Co-founder and Senior Partner

Rob hits the gym and plays competitive sports to burn calories, then refuels through a healthy appreciation for craft beers. It’s a balanced approach. But when it comes to software, forget about balance. He wants to help you blow your users’ socks off.

Sean Lanktree

Director of Professional Services

Sean gently guides customers down the path of success, providing attentive support and useful tools to help them achieve each business goal. All while making every day interesting for his co-workers through his nonstop pranking and sarcastic jokes.

Johnny Major

Director of Product Development

Every wall is a door for Johnny. Whether he’s geeking on video games, handcrafting artisanal ice for the perfect cocktail or creating new tools to streamline your business processes, he’s always looking for the way in to an extraordinary experience.

Iwona Montgomery

Director of Customer Relations

Iwona is learning that Polish jokes aren’t funny when translated into English. But her Polish cooking translates brilliantly. It’s all about choosing what works, and that’s the recipe for success this responsive problem-solver brings to our customers.

Our partners.

CNX is proud to work with technology and reseller partners who help us deliver class-leading technology and services to enterprises around the world. To find the right partner for you, or to explore joining our partner team, get in touch with us.

Global call-out for Valence consultants!

If you are an IBM i consultant or represent a consulting firm looking to expand your IBM i product line, we have a great opportunity for you! CNX is actively seeking new partners to distribute Valence and provide support services to customers creating new applications. To discuss opportunities in your area, please contact CNX Sales.