What is Valence?

Valence is an enterprise application development platform that empowers IT and business leaders to transform operations on, and off, the IBM i platform. With Valence software:
  • Your developers gain a full suite of development and runtime tools for creating and deploying truly modern applications that run on the user’s device of choice— desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • IT and business leaders can work together more effectively by giving developers and users the tools they need to be more confident, capable and self-sufficient.
  • You protect the investments you’ve made in your people, technology and business — while enabling true IBM i modernization to greatly improve your operational speed, agility and mobility.

Manage access to your IBM i apps with this secure, intuitive portal for standard web browsers and mobile devices running iOS or Android.

Use Nitro App Builder to build simple graphical query apps or fully optimized enterprise applications, with minimal or no coding required.

Modernization tools designed to simplify administration, edit and configure database files, and manage multiple instances of Valence on a single IBM i.

Developer Toolkit

Develop fully modern web apps for IBM i, including features such as generating PDFs and Excel files, sending email, and more.

5250 Terminal Emulator

Run green screen programs in the same browser interface as your modern Valence apps.

Simplify business operations and elevate user productivity.

Applications built with Valence enhance efficiency and collaboration for a more agile, dynamic business. These are just a few examples where Valence has catalyzed operational transformation in recent customer projects:

Supply Chain / Inventory

Intuitive Valence apps help receive, record and trace goods as they move from manufacturer to warehouse to store shelf or delivery point.


Shop floor personnel use Valence apps to gain real-time visibility into work order schedules, inventory levels and production data.

Customer & Supplier Portals

Valence apps promote self-service interaction with customers and suppliers through user-friendly external portals, reducing call and email volumes. 

Management Dashboards

Using the low-code Valence app builder, developers make fast work of apps that give managers real-time insight into critical business metrics.

Custom Solutions

Valence apps provide the flexibility to solve unique business problems that can’t be effectively addressed using off-the-shelf software.

Support for all UI frameworks.

Apps written in any language or framework can participate in Valence Portal security and session management.

Valence Universal (beta).

Your apps developed with Node.js for Valence on IBM i can also run on Linux, Windows or OS X through Valence Universal.

Nitro App Builder enhancements.

Improvements in our low code app builder include a more intuitive preview as you develop your app in real time.

Node.js support.

The valence-connect package available on npm allows your apps written in Node.js to communicate with the Valence Portal for security and session management.

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