5250 Terminal Emulator

Run green screen programs in the same browser interface as your modern Valence apps.

Up until now, businesses that still relied on legacy 5250 programs needed to use terminal emulation software or poorly-conceived screen-scraping apps. We believe 5250 terminal emulation should be as responsive and easy to use as any Valence app.

That’s why we developed 5250 emulation software that communicates directly with the IBM i host, providing a native 5250 experience in the browser—no separate terminal emulator to log into, and no software to install and maintain on individual computers.


Fusion5250 is the only emulator that runs IBM 5250 terminal programs natively in a browser, directly within the Valence Portal. Any legacy green screen program works in Fusion5250—no additional fat client, skinny client, screen-scraping, source code or recompiling required. Fusion5250 simply works—and works fast—as a standard feature of Valence 5.2+.

Why it's the best choice.

Use Fusion5250 to run all your legacy 5250 apps side by side with your modern apps, using a single sign-on and launching all apps from the Valence Portal. Update your legacy apps to modern Valence apps within the same workspace. Give users their choice of any standard browser.

  • Get fast, reliable performance for any 5250 programs—without the unwieldy terminal or slow, glitchy, screen-scraping emulators.
  • Move your legacy 5250 programs directly to Fusion5250 and run them natively—with no special client software, no source code, and no recompiling necessary.
  • Access all your apps—legacy and modern—from the Valence Portal.
  • Set user access, auto login, listener port, prestart jobs and advanced options directly through the Valence Portal admin settings.
  • Create startup macros that go straight to the legacy screen that users need, with no navigation from the main menu required.
  • Keep the traditional green screen look, or let users choose an alternative color theme.
  • Move 5250 users to a browser environment with Valence and Fusion5250 on day one, providing additional modern apps with Nitro App Builder and other Valence tools whenever you’re ready.

VVFUSIOND, the Daemon Job

VVFUSIONP, the Proxy Job

How it works.

There are other 5250 emulators on the market, including browser-based options, but none offers the simplicity, flexibility and performance of Fusion5250. We created a decoder that reads the 5250 data stream directly from the IBM i and translates the raw code into JSON format. This allows the Valence user interface to render your legacy programs in the browser, exactly as they would appear on a 5250 terminal. Direct two-way websocket communications with the server ensure exceptional performance, especially compared to screen-scraping green screen emulators.

Some additional screenshots:

Launched Directly into WRKACTJOB by CPU%

Example of Editing a Fusion5250 Macro

Specifying a Launch Macro on a Fusion5250 App Record

Valence Portal with Both Modern and 5250 Apps

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