Valence 4.0 is Coming March 17th!

We’re just two weeks away from the official release of Valence 4.0 and we’re super excited to introduce this new framework to the IBM i community!  Many thanks to the handful of Beta testers we’ve been working with over the past month to help ensure the installation and operation of Valence 4.0 is as smooth as it can possibly be. With the sizeable investment we’ve made in streamlining the user interface for this release, we believe you’ll find Valence 4.0 to be a huge hit with your IBM i users as you roll it out.  But it’s not just the end users who stand to benefit from this release — there’s plenty for developers too, particularly those who are relatively new to the framework.  

As Sencha has made it a priority to shorten the learning curve for Ext JS and Sencha Touch development with Sencha Architect, beginning with this release we’re making it a priority to incorporate Sencha Architect functionality into Valence.  Current Valence 3.2 developers will especially appreciate the new helper features we’ve added to 4.0 to facilitate importing data models from IBM i.  This means you can take the formatted output of your RPG programs and create a model and proxy that can be inserted directly into either Sencha Architect or your front-end source editor.  We have many more plans for further Architect integration in forthcoming updates to the Valence Framework.

All new Valence 4.0 Enterprise licensees will get a single developer license to Sencha Architect 3 as part of their purchase.  Existing Valence 3.2 Enterprise licensees who are current on maintenance are also entitled to an Architect license.  Those who have already purchased Architect directly from Sencha will be entitled to a credit for the amount paid.  

Contact CNX for further details. In conjunction with our new focus on using Sencha Architect to more quickly build out advanced Valence Apps, Nitro App Builder will be renamed to Nitro Query when Valence 4.0 is released.This new name better reflects its intended purpose enabling developers and power users to build queries and dashboard apps over IBM i data without any programming.   We plan to continue adding innovative features to Nitro Query in upcoming releases.