Glenroy, Inc. Implements ATOMIC

Menomonee Falls, WI. Glenroy, Inc took a major leap forward today in streamlining its manufacturing and distribution operations on September 10, 2001, when the company went live with ATOMIC. Glenroy is a manufacturer of thermal laminate films, printed flexible packaging materials and extrusion coated and printed balloon film. The ATOMIC Planning and Execution Suite consists of six native AS/400 modules designed explicitly to extend the functionality of PRMS.

Glenroy implemented ATOMIC’s Shop Floor, RF Inventory Control, Label Management and User-Defined Specification modules after spending six months installing, setting up and training users on the system. Glenroy was not out actively looking for something to solve problems for the shop floor. But after ATOMIC came to the IT Director’s attention, it was quickly determined that it could be a big benefit. “When I first read the features of this thing, I thought it must be too good to be true,” said John Mawbey, Glenroy’s IT Director recalling a mailing from CNX regarding ATOMIC. “ATOMIC had so many things in it that had been on my and the user’s wish lists for years, I was skeptical but was inclined to look into it further.

CNX came and did a demo and the rest is history.” According to Mawbey, some attractive aspects of ATOMIC are its tight integration with PRMS and ILE RPG code base. “Training the users on ATOMIC was very straight forward. We didn’t have to go at it from the perspective of teaching a whole new system. Because the look and feel of ATOMIC is essentially the same as PRMS, we came at it from the perspective of teaching the users new features, even though ATOMIC is a tightly-linked, separate application from PRMS. Also, I like that ATOMIC is 100% programmed in ILE and that it’s distributed with full source code. This way, we can make minor customizations, like we do with PRMS, and as my programmers work with ATOMIC code, they are starting to get better with ILE.” “ATOMIC made our system hip and happening,” said Roy Jablonka, president of Glenroy, Inc.

This echoes the sentiment felt by many in Glenroy’s IT department and the user community. “The addition of ATOMIC has made all of us feel much better about our long-term use of PRMS,” said Mawbey. “With the addition of ATOMIC’s many features to PRMS, we now have a completely modern system that is really cost effective.” For an interactive demonstration of the latest ATOMIC features, schedule a WebEx demo by calling (312) 477-7450.