CNX Announces the Release of Web Portal SF for ATOMIC

Orlando, FL. CNX Corporation announces the release of ATOMIC Web Portal SF, a new web-based order tracking feature for users of popular IBM iSeries® 400-based ERP packages, including CA-PRMS®. ATOMIC Web Portal SF works in conjunction with other ATOMIC modules to facilitate the communication of customer order and shop floor work order status to authorized customers via the Internet. For make-to-order manufacturers, ATOMIC Web Portal SF can significantly reduce call center volume by offloading production status requests directly to the Internet. The tool allows customers to interactively review lists of open orders on-line and drill down to view the real-time shop floor status of the work order(s) assigned to fill the selected customer order. The configurable production status information available to the customer includes details such as:

  • The work order number(s) assigned to fill the customer order
  • The time and date each work order is expected to finish
  • The location of each work order on the machine schedule
  • The quantity produced so far
  • The tracking number used for shipping (once shipped)

All shop floor information is provided automatically based on real-time information collected by the ATOMIC SF module. ATOMIC SF is one of six modules in the ATOMIC Product Suite, all designed to interface with and leverage the company’s existing ERP investment. CNX representatives will be demonstrating ATOMIC Web Portal SF during CA-WORLD at booth 215. For more information on ATOMIC and ATOMIC Web Portal SF, visit the website or contact CNX Corporation at (312) 251-0840.

IBM® and iSeries® are registered trademarks of IBM. CA-PRMS® is a registered trademark of Computer Associates International, Inc. Computer Associates International, Inc. does not make or license ATOMIC.